Superstars of Real Madrid

Campus-TechnificationWith millions of fans around the world, superstar lineups, and having
been awarded the Best Team of the Twentieth Century Award by the FIFA,
Real Madrid is arguably the best club in the world.

Through the years, Real Madrid has managed to sign the most famous
stars in the planet and have stayed at the top of the soccer world for
decades. Players like Luis Figo, Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane and David
Beckham have been part of this team in the past. But, today Superstars of Real
Madrid fill the sports headlines with their genialities. Check out some of the
players that are part of Madrid’s 2015/2016 season.

Superstars of Real Madrid

Kiko Casilla – Kiko recently had the best season of his life with the
Espanyol and for this reason caught Real Madrid’s attention. This
goalkeeper is the newest addition to the team, and after a lot of
controversies he has finally won the confidence of his coach and has
been named as the replacement for no other than Iker Casillas.

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Sergio Ramos – This Spanish player is considered by many as the best
central defender in the world, although he sometimes plays as a right
lateral defender. He’s been a Real Madrid superstar since
2005 and has played at an elite level since he was signed. Today he’s
recognized as one of the most influential players in the team and has
won the Player of the Year Award, and has been nominated for the
Golden Ball Award on three occasions.

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Toni Kroos – The ex-Bayern Munich player was signed by Real Madrid in
2014 for twenty-five million euros and six seasons. Kroos, who plays
as midfielder, showed in the first months after his signing the
incredible physical condition he possessed and finished the season
with two goals, twelve goal assistances in the fifty-three games he
played, and with a 90% effectiveness in passes made. These numbers are
enough to reaffirm the Dutch player as one of the superstars of Real Madrid
and one of the best midfielders in the planet.

James Rodriguez – This Colombian was the sensation of the Brazil World
Cup 2104. He was the winner of the Golden Boot and also marked the
best goal of this championship. After this outstanding performance,
the famous Spanish club signed the twenty-three-year-old player for
three seasons and an impressive amount of eighty million euros. In
July 2014, he was introduced as one of the superstars of Real Madrid, and
less than a month later he had already won a spot as one of the best
eleven on the team. James finished the season with seventeen goals and
seventeen goal assistances, and he’s already considered as the best
midfielder in the team and European football.

Gareth Bale – He is considered as one of the best talents ever to
emerge from the English Premier League. Bale has been awarded with the
Carwyn Trophy, Best Premier League Player and has also been nominated
to win the highest honor in soccer, the Golden Ball Award on many
occasions. In 2013, after years of pursuing him, Real Madrid finally
managed to sign him. The amount of money they paid him is still
unknown, but it is believed to be between ninety-one and a hundred
million euros.

Luca Modric – He is a Croatian midfielder who after several weeks of
negotiations was signed by Madrid for thirty million euros and five
seasons. He debuted with the team only two days after signing his
deal, and since then has shined as one of the best superstars of Real Madrid.
Modric can play with both feet, and he is famous for scoring amazing
long distance goals.

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Karim Benzema – After been named the best French player of 2011, he
was signed by Real Madrid for thirty-five million euros. He has
received several recognitions for his amazing abilities and has been
nominated for the Best Player of the Year Award and for the Golden
Ball Award four times. He finished his first season in Real Madrid
with twenty-six goals and amazed the world with his charisma and
talent in Brazil’s World Cup. He recently signed a contract for
five more years, so he’ll be a Real Madrid superstar for a long time.

Cristiano Ronaldo – This list couldn’t be complete without naming a
player who for many is the best in the world, and for others the
second best, just after Leo Messi. He’s best known as CR7 and is one
of the most high-profile sport’s figures in the world today. With 313
goals, he is the second best top scorer in the history of the Spanish
soccer club. During his career, he has broken many records, he is
the only player ever to win four Golden Boot Awards and the Historic
Champions League Top Scorer. He was the protagonist of the most
expensive football deal of his time, and it was in Real Madrid where
he became the superstar player he is today.

These superstars of Real Madrid form part of one of the best teams in the
planet today, and together they’ve managed to impress the world by
doing some of the most incredible goals and plays in history, but we’ll
probably be hearing a lot from them this next season.

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